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Industrial EC Probe

  • Industrial conductivity probe
  • Closeup of probe
  • pin connectors


Pin terminals

🪢 Wire

3 meters

↔️ Range

100 uS/cm — 10 mS/cm (when using Mod-EC )

🇰 Cell Constant

1.0 ±0.2

📏 Dimensions

30x133 mm

🧱 Materials

Nylon with 3/4" NPT threads


Both probes consist of two wires each which interchangeable with each other i.e. either gray capped pin can go in either way.

white-capped white wire NTC
white-capped yellow wire NTC
gray-capped red wire conductivity
gray-capped black wire conductivity

Other stuff you'll need

This is just the probe. You could...