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πŸŽ’ Dual 5mm Carrier Board

  • Carrier board with seated modules
  • Empty carrier board
  • Carrier board with parts taken apart

πŸ’Έ Easy

save design time and money

πŸ“– Open source

Schematic download


πŸ•³οΈ Mounting

4 easily accessible M3 mounting holes

🌟 Neat

Minimal wires needed

πŸ—Ώ Permanent

Designed for end user devices

πŸ“’ Datasheet



Other stuff you'll need

This is just the carrier board. It...
  • has headers for two sensor modules
  • provides isolated or non-isolated power to each module
  • uses 5mm screw terminal connectors for the probes

About isolation

The carrier board has two slots for modules. There are also two slots to provide power to those modules and connect the I2C bus. Generally, measuring conductivity, pH and ORP will each require an isolated power supply. An NTC temperature probe does not require isolation.
  • Mod-ISO fits in the power slot and provides galvanic isolation for power and I2C traces
  • Mod-passthrough fits in the power slot and directly connects the power and I2C traces