🌱 Hydroponic Monitoring Kit

A Hydroponic Monitor designed specifically for Arduino and Home Assistant.


  • Isolated Sensors for reliable measurements, the sensors are galvanically isolated from each other.
  • pH The pH sensor provides precise pH measurements, enabling you to maintain the ideal pH level for maximum nutrient absorption and overall plant health.
  • Conductivity A conductivity sensor ensures accurate measurements of your nutrient solution. Maintain an optimal nutrient balance and prevent nutrient deficiencies or excesses for healthier plants.
  • Temperature Monitor temperature for hassle-free temperature compensation of conductivity and pH measurements.
  • Home Assistant Integration Seamlessly integrate the monitor into your Home Assistant ecosystem. Monitor your hydroponic system alongside other smart devices, and set up custom automations for greater functionality
  • Assembled The board, sensors, and connections are already made. You just need to put it in a box and integrate it into your system with an ESP32 or similar.


and either industrial probes for rugged and continuous deployments

or lab probes for increased accuracy and response times

15% savings compared to buying everything individually