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🛡️ Mod-ISO

  • Mod-NTC in a breadboard
  • Front of Mod-NTC
  • Back of Mod-NTC
  • Mod-pH Fritzing

🔰 Easy

Simple to use and embed in your design

🎨 Interference

Prevents probes from interfering with each other when in the same solution

↔️ Voltage

  • 3.0-5.5-volt input
  • nregulated 3.3-volt output

🤏 Small

Small footprint for a compact design

🔌 Power

  • 66-mW power output at 3-volt input
  • 100-mW power output at 5-volt input

📒 Datasheet



Other stuff you'll need

This is just the module. You could...
  • Use it in a breadboard. To do that, you'll need to connect the I2C bus and probe connections using point-to-point wiring or something similar.
  • Use it in a Carrier Board for an easier-to-use solution than breadboards.
  • Use it on a custom board and attach it either by pins or castellation.