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Embedded CopyPasta 🍝

A web of lines
copy and paste Arduino libraries and sensors together automatically

Ever notice that a lot of Arduino code is boilerplate?

  1. Find/download/#include library
  2. Initialize class
  3. :begin() class in setup()
  4. Do something in loop()
  5. Display or send some data

Embedded CopyPasta makes it easy to do all that automatically. Plus, it will make a PlatformIO project for you, download the libraries needed, and setup the build environment.

  • pick starting templates like InfluxDB, AdafruitIO, or just Serial.println()
  • add as many sensors as you want
  • do what you wanted to do quicker

Ok, sounds awesome

There are a few ways to get started:

  • there's an online version you can try
  • visit the GitHub Repo . The sourcecode is there along with instructions on how to download/use it, and also to contribute

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