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Water quality and environmental sensors for Arduino or Raspberry Pi

🌱 Hydroponic Monitoring Kit: Everything needed to measure pH and EC. Includes carrier board, sensor modules, isolation, connectors, temperature sensor, and your choice of lab or industrial probes. 15% off compared to individually purchased components. Home Assistant YAML makes it easy to integrate into your system.

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Carrier Boards: provide all the required connections for sensor modules. Isolated power, probe connections, and interface connections are implemented. These boards are the easiest way to add sensing capabilities to a device.

Sensor modules: small modules that take a particular measurement and communicate through I²C. They can be integrated into a custom board that provides probe connections, appropriate interface connections, and power. These are best suited for creating a fully customized sensing device where you want full control over all aspects of the hardware design.

💭 Custom work

We do custom work. Send an email and let us know what you're interested in doing.